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– One of the best.
Vanessa was an absolute great help throughout my case. She has helped me with a couple cases now and each time is a great experience. She makes it so it’s not as stressful and you can count on her and her team to do a great job. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a great lawyer.
Vanessa was recommended to me by my boss and spoke very highly of her. Vanessa is very professional and highly knowledgeable. She explained everything clearly to me. She made me feel comfortable. I was found not guilty on a DUI charge. She will be my go to if I get into any trouble. I highly recommend her.
– Best of the Best!!!
Vanessa went above and beyond when it came to representing me. If it wasn’t for her patience and willingness to help I would not be here today. She has a “tough love” attitude and it worked for me!!
– Formal hearing
Very prepared, calmed me down very professional, handled everything the hearing officers threw at her thank you Vanessa
– Seamless and professional experience
Ms Sheehan took the time to explain the traffic court proceedings very thoroughly. Once the court date arrived, everything went as planned. I highly recommend her services because you want an experienced professional in your corner.
– Great Attorney!
Pat took control of my case. Gave me advice when I needed it. Explained to me how it was gonna go. And then nailed it when we finally went to trial! I would use him again if needed, but hopefully not! And I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal counsel in mchenry county.
– DUI tickets
Pat Walsh and his firm are the best attorneys you can hire in their areas of expertise!
– Best experience ever.
Best experience ever. Did not have to do any heavy lifting. He took care of Me and made sure everything was taken care of.
– Wonderful to work with
I was blessed to come across Pat Walsh during a very stressful and trying time in my life. His professionalism and optimistic attitude helped me push through. His strategy and decision making skills are impeccable. The office personnel was always helpful whenever I had questions as well. I would recommend this lawyer to my most treasured family and friends.
– Pats a total gangster in the court room!!! Would refer him to anyone I know!!!
I had a dui case recently with Mr. Walsh. After doing some research and always hearing about the Walsh/Donahue name it was a name I had to check into for my self. After meeting with Pat and a few other lawyers I chose to hire him for my case. He was nothing short of professional and full of knowledge on the topic at hand! This made me feel that i was in good hands and would be given a fair chance at trying my case in court. These guys are very busy and have lots of clients so I can see how some may feel not as important as being with a lawyer with 1/10th of the clients they have and it being more personable possibly in that scenario. However, when it’s time to go to battle this is your man!! He is on his A game in the court room and that is all that matters to me! As far as a trial lawyer Pat is a MONSTER!!! There is no detail missed and no option left unturned to try and do the best he can for his client! We came out of jury trial with a outcome as not guilty and I couldn’t have been more happy after being drug through the court system for far too long! I don’t foresee needing this man again as I won’t let my self he in a predicament to be held up in the judicial system again and have that effect on my life but if I was he would be my first call! Thank you Pat for everything your firm did for me! Donahue/Walsh for the win!!!
– This time I had attorney Evan Randall and I am so grateful.
He had a hard job with my lack of understanding how to do this through covid and complications! I have used this law firm since 2009 AND I ONLY GO BACK TO THEM BECAUSE THEY GET THE JOB DONE. Everytime. My traffic cases have always been figured out and never been convicted as long as I use Donahue and Walsh firm. Thank you so much Evan Randall, seriously, thank you!
– Fantastic results. I can’t recommend Ed and the whole team enough.
I was facing some hefty penalties for a major traffic violation but Donahue and Walsh were able to get it reduced to a minor violation and even court supervision. They'll treat you right and take care of you, worth every penny and then some. If you need a lawyer in Northern Illinois, don't hesitate to call.
– Great bunch of guys!
Hardnosed for you in court, upfront and honest with everything you need to know! Highly Extremely Recommended!
– My first experience with Donahue & Walsh, I was a 16 year old lead foot with a death wish.
Age 18 arrested for throwing at egg at a car, and the prosecutor threw the book at my last name. In the state of Illinois, this quote came from the judge that booked me last year. "Mr Persha, look at me and hear this, you have not made a single crime in over 15 years, you are in this state presumed Innocent until proven guilty" Donahue and Walsh is the best law firm in the State. They are highly professional, they care, and they are worth every cent, every dollar, every thousand you may need to pay. What is your freedom worth to you? Ed and Patrick are a duo that cannot be beat. They stand for justice, freedom, equality, and they stand for you. THEY WILL STAND BY YOUR SIDE AND TAKE CARE OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I can't put a price on my freedom, but I did last year, 15 years with out a single ticket, found my self off my medications, in rehab, and with an order of protection preventing me from going home. (WHICH WAS NECESSARY) The team at Donahue and Walsh helped me maintain my freedom, guide my ship, and put me back home, back with my wife and children, into marriage counseling, and even was able to modify my bond when we moved in with family to get our lives back which I nearly wrecked. With out Ed and Patrick, I would be back in a group home or probably still sitting in jail. When you have a mental health disability, medicine can be a necessity, as important as the air i breathe, and without it you may not be yourself, definitely not thinking in the right state of mind. This case that they most recently handled, took almost a year to wrap up. Every time I went to court, my heart would sink. But when my law firm would walk in the door, a glimpse of light would shine in my heart. There are not enough words, paragraphs, or reviews I could write. Donahue and Walsh are the best, Period. I love the whole team. With all my heart. If you value your freedom and want to prove your innocence. Choose Donahue and Walsh. I give you my word you won't regret it. Sincerely, The Great Gatsby
– Unfortunately I have had the pleasure of using these services multiple times.
Luckily only for traffic incidents lately. I feel like an individual every time. I've been helped by at least 4 different attorneys including Donahue and Walsh. All are exceptional. I always know ill be taken care of no matter what my situation is. Thanks for everything you have done for my friends and me over the last 21 yrs I've used you!
– Donahue & Walsh has the best law firm in McHenry County…
they have not only helped me but many of my family members and friends with there law issues! I highly recommended Donahue & Walsh ! I was arrested for a DUI in 2019 . Unfortunately it changed my life in so many ways I lost my job, CDL License and my Dignity!!! But after hiring Donahue &Walsh they worked so hard to get me my privileges and my life back ! Pat took my case to trial and Pat Walsh WON MY CASE!! I thought I was dreaming but it was real ! I am able to follow my dreams and move forward! 2022 is going to be a fantastic year because all because of Donahue & Walsh ! Thank you for all you have done for me! Happy New Year !
– From start to finish this firm was great.
Donahue and Walsh pretty much told me how my situation was going to " Play " out and it did. Evan did an excellent job with my case and, it ended in my favor. Thanks again to Evan for understanding and answering all my stupid questions and phone calls. I would and will use them in the future if need be. Thanks to ALL
– I was involved a major traffic incident and had the pleasure of working with Evan Randall.
From the beginning to the end Evan was quick with a plan of attack and aggressive in court and even followed through by having charges dismissed. I highly recommend Evan Randall if you need an attorney to exceed expectations. Thank you!
– The group at Donahue & Walsh in mchenry have done an amazing job handling my cases!
It took time and hard work from them and they were able to have my cases fully dismissed!!! They were highly recommended to me by many of my peers and their reputation holds strong! Thank you very much for taking my cases and the time to make sure all areas in the legal system were handled properly!
– I would like to thank Evan Randall for his professionalism
I would like to thank Evan Randall for his professionalism and the speed in which he handled my case. I highly recommend the Law Firm Donahue and Walsh.
– Awesome people from the front desk, paralegals, and lawyers.
Awesome people from the front desk, paralegals, and lawyers. I'm really glad my mechanic referred me to them for my citation. As someone who never quite imagined being in this situation for this type of traffic court, outside of a missed call back (I would advise to maybe call again if needed; I can tell they might be very popular), everything from my first interaction with this team has been very polite, professional, and kind. Even the lawyers who weren't assigned to my case. I truly hope these people keep their doors open for a very long time and continue to serve the community because we all have a bad day, and sometimes we all need a second chance. They have made me feel this way and understand how uncomfortable I had felt in this process, thus allowing me to feel more comfortable.
– Donahue & Walsh, PC is the firm to choose if you are looking for an Attorney.
Donahue & Walsh, PC is the firm to choose if you are looking for an Attorney. They are razor sharp, know the laws, tough as nails and are pin point accurate on their advice. They are dedicated to their clients and their expertise is rock solid. Whether your case is large or small this is who you need to call.
– DUI Flattened
Pat Walsh took on my DUI case. He systematically and accurately put together my defense that exposed weaknesses and holes in the Prosecution's case. He professionally and accurately presented my case which allowed the Prosecution's weaknesses to be exposed and fall apart. Case dismissed. Pat Walsh is as tough as a Rugby Player no matter how rough things get or what a situation looks like. He is at the top of his field. He gets the job done. He is results-oriented and produces results - good results for his clients. I trust his knowledge, experience, and ability to take care of matters at hand no matter how big or small. If you need representation that requires knowledge, skills, perseverance, and a winning record that repeats itself, then Pat Walsh is who you need to have on your side. There is none better.
– Mr Evan Randall was in extremely efficient
Mr Evan Randall was extremely efficient straight to the point worked in my favor. He treated me with respect and kindness while helping my case. He helped when I felt there may not be any hope. My case should've been dismissed by me alone going in with proof it took him representing me to actually make that happen. He was amazing. I am in awe of his work.
– Get a Lawyer You Can Trust
I highly recommend Vanessa as a lawyer to back you up after speaking to a few lawyers and kept getting the same bad news Vanessa made me feel comfortable and confident about clearing my tickets and did so as she said she would! Nothing but the best! Certainly my go to lawyer.
– Best of the breed!
Vanessa is one of the best, and most cost effective, attorneys I have ever come across. Due to a set of unfortunate circumstances, I got citations for a set of complicated traffic violations. Vanessa painstakingly walked me through her legal strategy laying out all possible outcomes. What is more important, she got me the most desirable settlement I could have wished for. Besides, Vanessa is a gifted communicator and optimally blends empathy and clarity. I'd have no hesitation in hiring her again for handling my legal matters that fall within her specialty-mix. Grateful thanks Vanessa!
– Excellent! The Real Deal
Vanessa Sheehan, did exactly what she said she would do, she was clear about what to expect (both good and potential outcomes) and what I needed to do for her to get me the results desired. I would recommend her for sure
– My Kind of People
Be patient and the rewards will be worth the wait. An unbelievable experience that culminated in watching professionals excel at their jobs!Could not be more satisfied with Donahue & Walsh, my kind of people!
– Stellar Experience
I had nothing short of a STELLAR experience with this law firm. They defended me on an incredibly short notice, at a incredibly reasonable rate. Not only that, i was treated with kindness throughout the entire process. I would recommend Donahue & Walsh to anyone and everyone. Five stars. Two thumbs up. Standing O, and all that. 🙂
– Both Ed and Pat are the best!
Both Ed and Pat are the best! 20 years going to them for whatever I need and they have never failed me! Highly recommend these guys!

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