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My first experience with Donahue & Walsh, I was a 16 year old lead foot with a death wish.

Posted on behalf of Donahue & Walsh, P.C. | November 8, 2023

Age 18 arrested for throwing at egg at a car, and the prosecutor threw the book at my last name.

In the state of Illinois, this quote came from the judge that booked me last year. “Mr Persha, look at me and hear this, you have not made a single crime in over 15 years, you are in this state presumed Innocent until proven guilty”

Donahue and Walsh is the best law firm in the State. They are highly professional, they care, and they are worth every cent, every dollar, every thousand you may need to pay. What is your freedom worth to you?

Ed and Patrick are a duo that cannot be beat. They stand for justice, freedom, equality, and they stand for you.


I can’t put a price on my freedom, but I did last year, 15 years with out a single ticket, found my self off my medications, in rehab, and with an order of protection preventing me from going home. (WHICH WAS NECESSARY)

The team at Donahue and Walsh helped me maintain my freedom, guide my ship, and put me back home, back with my wife and children, into marriage counseling, and even was able to modify my bond when we moved in with family to get our lives back which I nearly wrecked.

With out Ed and Patrick, I would be back in a group home or probably still sitting in jail. When you have a mental health disability, medicine can be a necessity, as important as the air i breathe, and without it you may not be yourself, definitely not thinking in the right state of mind.

This case that they most recently handled, took almost a year to wrap up. Every time I went to court, my heart would sink. But when my law firm would walk in the door, a glimpse of light would shine in my heart.

There are not enough words, paragraphs, or reviews I could write.

Donahue and Walsh are the best, Period.

I love the whole team. With all my heart.

If you value your freedom and want to prove your innocence. Choose Donahue and Walsh. I give you my word you won’t regret it.


The Great Gatsby

My first experience with Donahue & Walsh, I was a 16 year old lead foot with a death wish.

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