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Experienced Illinois Personal Injury Lawyers For Auto Accident Claims

There are some things in life that we simply cannot control. No matter how cautious or safe of a driver you are, sometimes motor vehicle accidents are inevitable. Being involved in an accident can result from hazardous conditions brought about by inclement weather, technical malfunctions from a car, or even the negligence of another driver. In the worst case scenario, some major accidents can lead to significant injuries that may end up requiring medical treatment.

A motor vehicle accident can change your life in an instant, leaving you with medical bills, pain and suffering, and untold hardships as you recover from your auto injury. Depending on the level of severity, this setback can cause a lapse in ability to work, and lost wages can pile up quickly, creating a financial burden that can be hard to bear for anyone over time. 

As a law firm, we understand the complexity that personal injury accident cases can bring into a client’s life. If your motor vehicle accident was caused by a careless driver or another negligent party, know that they should be held accountable for the fault at hand. In any case you have rights and the legal team at Donahue & Kililis, PC. can protect them.

We truly stand on the principle that knowledge is power. A major goal of ours is to ensure that our clients are informed about the details of their case, educated on all possible outcomes, and feel confident as we navigate the litigation process alongside you. One of the major reasons why it is a critically important decision to choose a competent accident attorney to work with you is so that they can go toe to toe with the insurance companies on your behalf. 

Experienced car accident attorneys guide you on insurance matters.

It should go without saying that experiencing a motor vehicle accident, regardless of the severity, may bring about one of the most stressful periods of your life. In addition to any physical injury, many victims of car accidents experience damage to their vehicle, in addition to emotional trauma related to the incident. Many of the biggest insurers are aware of this, and unfortunately tend to take advantage of victims while they are at their lowest point. The tactic often used to fool victims is quickly presenting a low cash offer.

While this amount may seem appealing during such a low point, the initial number presented often is not fair enough to cover the full amount that you deserve. To fulfill the bare minimum of their responsibility, an insurance company should compensate you for any and all expenses related to the accident and its ensuing consequences. This can include, but should not be limited to: medical bills, physical therapy costs, vehicle damage, lost wages, rental transportation or rideshare costs, mental health services, and more. 

Insurance is complex. Catastrophic injuries are, too. Choose an attorney that can fight for you.

Handling the particulars of insurance claims can be tedious and complex. That is why, after contacting emergency services following your incidents, your next point of contact should be to an attorney skilled in personal injury cases. At the Donahue & Kililis, PC. Trial Attorneys, we handle car, truck and motorcycle accident claims for clients who have suffered injuries throughout Northern Illinois.

We also provide strong representation to families who have lost loved ones in fatal motor vehicle accidents. Understanding the gravity of these situations is not lost on us. While families are grieving or suffering, our team does their best to provide genuine and compassionate care, while still working diligently to seek justice for victims. 

Our attorneys handle a diverse range of claims.

As a law firm with years of experience serving the needs of personal injury victims, we are confident in our full spectrum approach to understanding litigation related to insurance claims. Each attorney on our team is well equipped and able to handle all types of motor vehicle accident claims, from car collisions on residential and rural streets to complex truck accidents on interstate highways, to incidents involving motorcycles, and even commercial truck or other public transportation vehicle incidents.

Experiencing an accident is undoubtedly stressful. Many thoughts may be flurrying through your mind, regarding how you will recover physically, what repairing damages will cost, how much work you will have to miss if any, how you will be able to move around without your personal vehicle, or how you can continue to provide for yourself and/or your family during your healing process. If you have been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle crash, remember this: The insurance companies are not on your side. If they offer you a quick settlement and you accept it, you could be leaving significant money on the table.

We deal with insurance companies every day and have extensive experience uncovering the root causes of motor vehicle accidents. Our Rockford personal injury attorneys can provide you with the skilled legal representation you need to maximize your compensation.

Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Sadly, negligence on lakes and other recreational areas can lead to tragedy for people who were just trying to relax and have a good time. ATV and snowmobile accidents can cause severe and life-threatening injuries the brain, spinal cord and other vital parts of the body. Boat accidents are all too common on the Chain of Lakes/Fox River and other area waterways. Regardless of the vehicle involved, you have rights and our skilled legal team is here to protect them.

Get In Touch With A Lawyer Who Can Protect Your Rights

If you or someone close to you has been injured in a motor vehicle or recreational vehicle accident in Illinois, our lawyers are here to provide you with the strong legal representation you need. You can reach our law offices online or by telephone at 815-344-8860.  With law offices in McHenry, Elgin and Palatine, our automobile accident attorneys proudly represent clients throughout northern Illinois.

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