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Too Jolly to Drive: How to Avoid a DUI This Holiday Season

Posted on behalf of Donahue & Walsh, P.C. | December 20, 2022

As Christmas and New Year’s Eve approach, plans to celebrate the season with friends and family may be in the works. If those plans include alcohol, keep the following tips in mind to keep you safe and out of legal trouble this holiday season.

Holiday Driving Safety Tips

· Tip 1: Have a Plan
Make sure your holiday get-together plans include safe transportation. Choose a Designated Driver (DD) who will remain sober throughout the night. If you are the DD, stick to pop, juice, coffee, or hot cocoa to guarantee a safe drive home.

· Tip 2: Schedule Uber or Lyft
If you don’t have a DD schedule a ride-share service such as Uber or Lyft ahead of time so you do not risk driving while under the influence. If you aren’t sure what time you will be leaving, make sure the ride-share app is updated and you know how to order a driver before you start drinking.

· Tip 3: Plan for the weather.
During colder months, driving home late at night can be dangerous even without the influence of alcohol. Make sure you have an ice scraper/snow brush and a shovel are in your car in the event of a snowfall. Drive slowly and carefully to ensure that you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road can safely reach their destination.

· Tip 4: Drugged Driving is also DUI

Remember that drug-impaired driving is also illegal. A 2019-2021 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study found that 26% of drivers who incurred significant injuries or died on the road had marijuana in their system. In Illinois, it is illegal for drivers and passengers to smoke marijuana on the road. If you consume marijuana or other drugs at your holiday gathering, plan to get a ride home with a trusted friend or schedule an Uber or Lyft.

· Tip 5Speak Up

Don’t be afraid to confront a friend or family member if they appear to be too intoxicated to drive. If you have to take away their keys, do so. The risk of a potentially awkward confrontation pales in comparison to the risk they pose to themselves and others if they get behind the wheel. Be assertive, but not aggressive to avoid other potential legal or safety concerns.

DUI accusations can be devastating, and you may face high fines, license revocation, and prison time if convicted.

Speak to a Proven DUI Defense Lawyer if a Good Time Turns Bad

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