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Is a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device Required After a First-Time DUI in Illinois?

Posted on behalf of Donahue & Walsh, P.C. | December 26, 2020

What Is a BAIID?

BAIID stands for Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device. Even for a first time DUI, the state of Illinois could potentially require you to have a BAIID installed in your car.
It acts as a personal breathalyzer. Before being able to start their vehicle, the driver must blow into a mouthpiece that measures their BAC level. If the individual’s BAC level is higher than the level allowed, then the car’s engine will not start. The goal of the requirement of a BAIID is to ensure an individual does not operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

There is a camera located on the BAIID, which takes a picture of you each time your breath test is attempted, requested or submitted. Images taken by the BAIID are stored in the device and may be viewed by the Secretary of State’s Office to ensure you are not committing any violations.

Any time you drive, the BAIID will randomly require that you submit to breath tests called “running retests.” When a running retest is requested, you must pull over and provide a sample of your breath.

Consequences of a First Time DUI in Illinois

The overall consequences for a first time DUI offense are harsh in Illinois. If you failed chemical testing, your license could be suspended for 6 months. If you refused chemical testing, your license could be suspended for 12 months.

If you wish for any driving privileges following a DUI, you are required to obtain a Monitoring Device Driving Permit (MDDP). A MDDP is required to be supplemented by the installation of a BAIID in each of your vehicles. The combination of both an MDDP and BAIID allows you to drive where you would like whenever you would like, as long as your vehicle has a BAIID installed. You may apply for a MDDP on the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State official website.

All of these harsh consequences can be avoided with the aid of experienced legal counsel. An attorney can effectively file a petition to rescind your summary suspension, so you can avoid it completely. Additionally, the legality of your traffic stop and the results of your chemical test can both be argued. The help of a lawyer could spell out the difference between suffering the significant consequences of a DUI and suffering none at all.

How Much Does a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device Cost in Illinois?

Aside from being embarrassing, the installation of a BAIID is damaging financially. When you combine the annual cost of installation, monthly service and removal, a BAIID costs about $1,400 on average, depending on which vendor you use. This is in addition to any fines you suffer as a result of your charge. In order to take a look your choices of certified vendors, and to register for a device installation from the vendor of your choosing, you may visit the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State official website.

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