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Football Season DUI Risks

Posted on behalf of Edward J. Donahue Law, P.C. | October 13, 2022

Are you ready to kick off football season? Do you have fun plans for game days? If you will be drinking, have a designated driver or alternate transportation to avoid a DUI offense, injury, or even death.


· In 2019, Illinois had a total of 309 alcohol-related driving fatalities.

· Eighteen of these fatalities involved people under the age of 21.

· 69.7% of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities involved a BAC over .15.

How To Stay Safe

Football season is kicking off across the country. Fans must remember to stay safe while driving. Even if you are drinking responsibly and following the law, that does not mean others will do the same. Follow these tips to stay safe on the roads:

· Always wear your seatbelt.

· If you will be drinking, designate a sober driver or alternate transportation.

Do not rely on “sobering up” before you drive home. Instead, ensure you have a safe form of transportation BEFORE traveling to your game-day destination.

· Remove all distractions before driving anywhere.

Your phone is not the only distraction that you must remove. Make sure all passengers respect your driving and do not add distractions.

· Follow the speed limit.

One of the main factors of vehicle-related fatalities is speed. Therefore, always follow the speed limit.

· Pay attention.

As stated previously, just because you are following the law and staying safe does not mean other people will do the same. Drive sober, pay attention and be safe. However, if you or a loved one is charged with DUI, contact our team at 815-344-8860. You should not try to fight it alone. We can help you fight for your freedom and future. Remember, anything you say to the police can and will be used against you. Contact us before it is too late to discuss your legal defense options.

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