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Category: Sex Offenders

What is the Age of Consent in Wisconsin?

Posted on behalf of Donahue & Kililis, PC | April 22, 2022

This story is an example of the difficulties that come from being a registered sex offender. It may be the most consequential penalty for a sex crimes conviction, impacting the convicted long after they have served their sentences. https://www.thetelegraph.com/news/article/Protest-planned-at-ice-cream-shop-over-sex-17062331.php  

Finding Employment is Difficult for Registered Sex Offenders

Posted on behalf of Donahue & Kililis, PC | January 24, 2022

The consequences of a sex crimes conviction last far longer than a prison sentence. This story serves as a reminder that being a registered sex offender hampers employment opportunities for the rest of a person’s life. Bipartisan support builds around ban on hiring convicted child sex offenders at Illinois State Fair

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