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Category: Criminal Record

The Long Shadow of a Felony Conviction

Posted on behalf of Edward J. Donahue Law, P.C. | February 11, 2022

This debate highlights how difficult it is for people to move past a felony conviction. Even someone who has worked his way up to fire chief after serving his sentence continues to face scrutiny over a past conviction. The best way to avoid these issues is to have a proven defense lawyer protecting your rights…
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Finding Employment is Difficult for Registered Sex Offenders

Posted on behalf of Edward J. Donahue Law, P.C. | January 24, 2022

The consequences of a sex crimes conviction last far longer than a prison sentence. This story serves as a reminder that being a registered sex offender hampers employment opportunities for the rest of a person’s life. Bipartisan support builds around ban on hiring convicted child sex offenders at Illinois State Fair

Bolster Your Job Prospects By Fighting Your Charges

Posted on behalf of Edward J. Donahue Law, P.C. | January 4, 2022

Despite the welcoming attitudes in this survey, avoiding a criminal record is the best way to prevent trouble during the hiring process. If you have face DUI charges it is crucial to mount a defense. 4 in 5 U.S. workers say they support their jobs hiring people with criminal records  

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