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Car Accidents: Crash on 2-Lane Road in Illinois Proves Fatal

Posted on behalf of Donahue & Kililis, PC | January 14, 2020

Attempting to pass another vehicle on a two-lane road can be hazardous under virtually any circumstance. Such an action may leave oncoming drivers with little to no chance of being able to respond in time to avoid collision and car accidents involving such a scenario run a greater risk of having cataclysmic results. A recent head-on crash in Illinois has reportedly left one person with serious injuries and claimed the life of a 56-year-old woman.

Illinois State Police say they responded to reports of the crash just after 2 p.m. on a recent Saturday. According to reports, the collision occurred when, for reasons unclear, the driver of a northbound car shifted into the opposite lane to pass another vehicle. The car proceeded to collide head-on with an oncoming vehicle soon thereafter and the impact of the crash forced the car to shift back into northbound lanes and collide with a third vehicle.

Authorities have advised that the driver of the second vehicle suffered fatal injuries and passed away at the scene of the crash. The driver who caused the crash suffered severe injuries and was transported to a hospital for medical care. While it remains unclear as to why the driver of the car may have attempted such a maneuver, authorities say that an investigation into the incident remains underway.

Suffering the loss of a loved one due to the negligent actions of another party can be a daunting experience. Those who lose someone close in car accidents involving such scenarios may wish to exercise their rights to seek accountability through the civil justice system, but the process can be complex. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can evaluate the incident thoroughly and assist a person in Illinois in pursuing the restitution deserved through a wrongful death claim.

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