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Car Accidents 1 Killed 1 Injured In Hit And Run Crash

Posted on behalf of Donahue & Walsh, P.C. | September 26, 2019

While every collision has the unfortunate chance of placing the safety of those involved in harm’s way, some incidents tend to be more hazardous than others. For instance, car accidents involving motorcycles run a higher risk of leaving those involved with serious injuries, or worse. One person has died and another was airlifted to the hospital following a recent hit-and-run collision involving a motorcycle in Illinois.

The incident is said to have occurred on a recent Wednesday just before 7:40 p.m. While many of the details surrounding the crash remain unclear, police have stated that the driver of a car struck a nearby motorcycle before proceeding to flee the scene. While the driver of the bike was transported to a medical facility for treatment of life-threatening injuries, he was reportedly pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

A passenger on the bike also suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to a hospital for treatment. Authorities say they were able to locate the driver of the vehicle later on and advised that she was taken into custody. Police advised that the driver is facing multiple charges in connection with the incident and state that additional charges may be filed once the investigation into the crash is completed.

Individuals who suffer serious injuries or experience the untimely loss of loved ones in car accidents may wish to exercise their rights to pursue accountability in civil court. Those who wish to gain insight into what to expect from the process could benefit from obtaining legal counsel for advice on how best to proceed. An attorney can assist a client in Illinois in pursuing the full amount of restitution deserved through a claim against the party deemed at fault.

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